Cornish-Cross Cut-up

Our cornish-cross chickens are fast growing and provide plenty of tender white meat. They have large breasts and typically weigh 4-6 pounds after processing. We will cut them into the standard 8 pieces for easier meal prep. We will also include the back which is great for making broth.

Cornish-Cross Cut-up

  • Our chickens are packaged in air-tight shrink wrap bags to maintain freshness. They can be picked up fresh within a few days of processing or they will be sold frozen. Please contact us if interested in coming to the farm for fresh pick-up.

  • We will send you a list of our processing dates and a list of the different locations that we will be selling our birds. You can select one of the processing days to come to the farm to pick up your chicken fresh or meet us at one of the other locations.

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